Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Eyes Into Hers

A boy caught a glimpse of a flower several years ago
causing him to notice the beat of his heart,
He did not know why, it just happened, the flower was a
Radiant beautiful – modeling phenomenal flawless finesse,

hesitating at first, a boy approached the flower
kissed the flower, tasting its irresistible taste
and met the flower again in seven hundred and thirty days,

Surprised was a boy when the flower had blossomed
made with even more
Power color and wonder,
Twisting its dance in the summer light the flower
trapped a boy with its sight of voluptuous glisten,

Every dawn rising, Each night falling
a boy would ponder his new wonder about
his flower,
So enamored by a touch of scent, berry kiss churned with coconuts
His favorite,
Flowers around his flower were cast under
by its magnificent pedals with
Gorgeous powerful bloom,
Unbelievably vigilant and resilient to the rough environment encasing it
absorbing every detriment to its predicament, turning problems on to their stomach in order to benefit,
Mesmerizing amazement dropped in driblets from its essence,
He began to speak to the flower, lending it
a penny of his thoughts two hundred times a day
in varieties of ways,

The flower kept him endless company, brightening his day,
giving him the cork to plug that uncomfortable lingering space,
offering what had made him change into a person a boy is proud to say is better,


On a particular evening the silence fell, the
Flower spoke back to the boy,
Oh how the flower could sing its speech with
such graceful way and praise,
It softly hummed “comfortable” “trust”,
His flower showed him his place in a place he has always faced, lost until guided,
in its presence a boys lips tickled feverishly with gloss
hands laughed fiendishly at hysterical thoughts
smile spoke words of lust,
A picture of the flower wrote thousands of sensations and a single declaration labeled

Unique are the pedals drenched in pretty purple blue shades
Comparable if not it- an angel
A sculpture of bliss- the greatest kiss of connection,
Every feature better than the next cycling round and round, unable to chose which one bests, for they all are the best,
The face of the flower; clear crystal sky blue and pearl white- creating tsunami’s of beauty crashing towards its body of smooth silk parts a boy needs to touch
For every touch reminds him of how much he can love
fulfilling his lust for its thoughts,

A boy now holds the flower to his heart now noticing why the abnormal beat,
such an anomaly caused a boy to be so swiftly swept of his feet at a flower, whom he can reveal his identity of serenity to,
Pinned to his left breast coat pocket the flower will forever stay, for the boy would claim that whether in physical form or not the flower has left its mark
Laid its change upon his brain for the best
Made him sane again amongst deranged craze,
Inducing on him a sense of content in his world regardless of how poor it becomes as long as the flower remains where it stays
lounging against his cloth
 with its glorious coat of a perfect the boy has difficulty articulating,
“Perfect” does not do the flower justice, for to him it goes much deeper
the closest he can get to describing his flower is Happiness

Pure Happiness.

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