Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I was flustered,
Isolated in ignorance
To muster vigilance
Glancing to and fro,
Through audience
Only to see where my new found feeling
Was alone,
My person struck with thunder’s grace,
In public
Of all place,
For such an epiphany
To whack me
In the nose,

From toes to fingers
A surge of fresh born sensation lingered
That made clear what I know,

I was just one of
A mere hundred,
The family member
To the presenter,
But no one knew,
Front and center
Was the leading member
My mother,
Her voice that shook with thunder but
Not with roaring sound,
Like gentle rain to mist,
With undisturbed silence,

Episodic in story,
Elaborate in path
In which she took,
From Ritz to rubble
Impact was made,
Yet, subtle
To me.

A person who embodied everything
I was meant to be
Lived with me,
Better yet, gave unquestioning
Birth to me,
Since a babe, I was
Unknowingly meld
Into the person I thought I
Myself made,
In unconscious drift,
On my way,

Love what you do,
An artist’s motto,
My motto,
Of the prosperity
I imagine I’d be
Was there,
Smiling in front of me,

I left that place
Vibrant with pride,
For being in relation to success
Not pathetic unrest,
Whom I felt was washed out with grey rotten stress
Of hours assumed toiled away
In play
Of art,

Little did I know
Then was when
I would discover,

I idolize my mother.

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