Friday, October 1, 2010

Some Randoms

More poems..


An unknown creature of mystery,
With her blissful beauty and her unknown ways
A forbidden fruit of a forbidden tree,
Forcing me to look with every sway

The sweet, soft, warmth of her angelic glance
Makes me freeze and wonder
Why I cant escape this trance
Trapped in lightning, rain, and thunder.

A man stands in front of me
Pretty fat, and yes small
Hysterically funny as well as incredibly grumpy,
He is a role model
Not mine but one
Someone of admiration
An original. The genuine character that comes
To you
Not the generic one named Bob.
He knows me by simple name and face, nothing more,
The funny thing is he is my teacher
Mathematics of all things
The subject I hate.

Do I hate it?
He has possibly opened my eyes,
Often one hates what one fails.
Sometimes I question,
I realize,
I don’t hate
Just fail.

Yeti’s and Blacks
I am a yeti
They are yetis.
But, she is a sasquatch,
What does that mean?
I am not sure.
But they tell me it matters
That being a sasquatch means life or death.
Of whom?
I better understand soon because apparently telling the difference means the world,
Life or death.
The yetis say
If I don’t understand
I’m a sasquatch too.


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