Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rant Poem

Hypocrisy and ignorance of these bleached, phony, fake seeds
Brain washed with tales of ruby and gold
Shattered since entrance into this manipulated unnatural hell
Sickening my core to twist these lies
Calling what is day-to-day life is such a mockery of what its meant to be
Every now and then I wake from this reality
To view what we’ve become,
Each day I rise into routine
Starting from steps one, two, and three
The only time of right I feel is when in grass or sky
Or snow or tree
Or sun or moon.

Morning starts as I awake in land that belongs to me
It is bought
It is mine
Taken from natures property,
But I did not start this trend of thievery
For it’s our most valued quality,

Inventions revolutionized everyday,
But to what have we succumb
I cannot just bathe unless I have a faucet to turn on,
The food consumed hardly should be mine or yours
It comes from factory
Bought through economy
I tell truth when I say how…
How to get
How to kill
How to live,
I do not know my own instincts
And neither does the world.

Falling so intricate into what is meant to be
Life is objective
Objective is not to live,
Objective is our duty of the American dream,
To strive and excel in order to make money for him and her and them and they and we and me,
Days to years of life spent to learn mindless shit,
Indulge with pleasures that are only there for objective
The objective being to stimulate economy,
When time has come
Judged on work
On worth,
Relevant to the said objective.
Should I fail in my unnatural habitat of dedication to the occupation of system slavery,
Then I will be shunned from holy civilization,
There are those so fortunate to be human
Those so valiant.

There are those who know not what they are
There are those who feel invincible,
Those who think they are some god or king
It’s those who do not know one thing.
These seeds of foul manifestation of uselessness
Are what spread mass ignorance,           
I am with them everyday
Even when alone.

Children hidden from experience since birth
Do not know the world
They talk with gated communities
And act with ruby and gold.

Think what it would be like now with out our bullshit measurement,
Measurement of time and age
Of worthless history,
It’s all just failure for attempted control.

Imagine him and her and them and they and we and me,
All existing
All flowing with the wheel
In harmony these ignorant and brainwashed seeds would be changed,
No longer would him and her and them and they and we and me be bleached with hidden truth.


To Him and Her and Them and They and We and Me

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