Saturday, September 18, 2010

[Fiction] Friday #173

Fiction [Friday] Weekly Prompt #173:  Why did the Tooth Fairy fail to deliver coins one evening?

On and off. On and off. I did this with my lamp about every ten seconds since my dad had put me to bed. I was put to bed two hours ago. When is she coming? She better actually talk to me.
            This morning I was chasing my new pup George around the island counter. He’s a goofy, six month young Great Dane. George hasn’t grown out yet so his limbs are too awkward for his body to control, making him flop all over the place. Every lap he let out silly barks as he slid on the yellow pine floor around the corners. Each turn kept me going one more lap around so I could hear him bark again. The barks were playful, like when I get chased around by my brother. It always makes me laugh, but I yell stop even though I don’t mean it. Eventually George got the best of me and pulled a move I didn’t see coming. He stopped and whipped around to run under my legs. My brain told my body “Quick! Get him!” before I was able to react. I tripped, smacking my mouth on the edge of the marble counter. Before I even realized what happened I spotted a red speckled tooth missing from my mouth. I fiddled my tongue around the empty gap in the front of my mouth. A grin cracked on my face cheek to cheek.
            The tooth fairy was never going to get away this time; I would finally be able to meet her face to face. My plan was full proof. My rooms a perfect square packed with furniture and clothes. You can barely see the floor with all the scattered Lego’s and action figures decorating it. The room alone was a trap, an area that she would not easily be able to escape from. I had two ideas set in place to capture her. A lasso of rope placed on the floor beside my bed so I could grab her by the feet, along with my tooth glued to the mattress.  The tooth was glued so when she tries to swap it for the money I can use the rope real quick and tie her up.
            I could hear her tiptoeing. I held my breath and waited. When I felt my pillow lightly lift I sprung! The hand pulled viciously away as I started to reach for my rope. When I tried to pull it tight she jumped and headed for the door. She smashed her feet on all my toys and knocked over a bin of Lego’s on her way out. The tooth fairy let out deep, loud yelps when she stubbed her toes. I quickly went to flick the lights on to get a peek at her. By the time I got to the switch she had already reached the door. All I saw was a strange hairy beast, wearing sweat pants and a grey t-shirt. By the time I got into the hallway she was gone. The worst part is she never even gave me my dollar.


  1. Welcome to Fiction Friday!
    I thought for sure your main character was going to discover who the tooth fairy really was.

    John Pender

  2. Welcome!!

    That was hilarious. You described a little boy's messy room perfectly.

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  3. Hehe I know a few guys that would have tried that as kids!! Nice imagery and welcome!